After the Hours, the Minutes –
The New York Second

Musik an Sich

“This jazz is modern, rather typically European, with chamber music aspects and of a high standard. Powerful music…”

Jazz Japan

“His philosophical thinking is reflected in the compositions … as you listen the flavors become even more interesting.”

Nieuwe Noten

“A wonderful album for lovers of classic, melodic jazz.”


“Interesting compositions and improvisations make listening to this music a great pleasure.”

Jazz, ese ruido

“Symphonic poems for a jazz trio. A delicate aesthetic and full of beauty that does not hide, however, an inner tension.”

Jazz Dergisi

“Characterized by flowing solos… the trio’s interpretation of European modern jazz is understated, fluent, and woven like a tapestry.”


There But For the Grace of God carries a poignant, lyrical expression that combines a celebration of melodic richness with urgency.”

La Habitación del Jazz

“​The song is gentle, delicate, creating a mood of tranquility and even resignation (…) The album gains in emotionality, intimacy and sensitivity (…) a trio in perfect harmony.”


“​The group demonstrates – besides the quality of the melodies, the articulation and the particularly well-balanced exchange between the three members – they have grasped what the (well-worn) trio formula means and allows us to express.”

After the Hours, the Minutes is the fourth album of my group The New York Second, this time playing in a trio setting: with Max Sergeant on drums and Lorenzo Buffa on double bass.

Featuring 11 original compositions of mine, and through the interplay of three musicians, the album aims to explore how we experience the passage of time.

The new material was tried out in the South of France in the summer of 2022 and recorded at the Exalto studios in the Netherlands in December of that year.

The full album is now out on streaming platforms:

Recording the track Professor Nelson Strikes Again at Exalto.

Performing live at Mascini theater, December 2022.