Music at Night (and Other Stories) –
The New York Second

“From pure sensation to the intuition of beauty, from pleasure and pain to love and the mystical ecstacy and death – all the things that are fundamental, all the things that, to the human spirit, are most profoundly significant, can only be experienced, not expressed. The rest is always and everywhere silence. After silence that […]

Emergo – The New York Second

Emergo is the second CD of my quartet The New York Second, with special guest soloist Teus Nobel. The CD was released on the jazz label O·A·P-records on March 27, 2020. “Walkate’s compositions are strong and will stay with you. As if they have always been there. He is a pianist who combines a job […]

The Big Hotel – Hadrian’s Wall

The Big Hotel is the first CD of Hadrian’s Wall, a jazz duo together with guitarist Adrien de Boer. Music influenced by a wide spectrum of styles that bridges the gap between traditional and modern jazz. From the the liner notes: “He enjoyed observing the musicians and their delight in practicing their art. Even the […]

Bay of Poets – The New York Second

Bay of Poets is the first CD of my quartet The New York Second, with Frank Paavo on tenor & soprano sax, Pawel Pastuszka on double bass and Max Sergeant on drums. Special guest: Jasper van Damme on alto sax. Bay of Poets online Do you want to stream or download Bay of Poets? Please […]