VPRO Vrije Geluiden footage

We mentioned earlier that we were invited to play at VPRO Vrije Geluiden, the pre-eminent music show here in the Netherlands… We now have the footage! You can check it out here: Thank you VPRO for inviting us and making us look & sound so good. And thank you Eloi & William for jumping in […]

Great review from Mischa Andriessen at Dutch newspaper Trouw

Another great review has come in for our new album Music at Night, this time from prominent music critic (and poet and writer) Mischa Andriessen at Dutch newspaper Trouw. “The book Music At Night by Aldous Huxley was the source of inspiration for this Dutch septet led by pianist Harald Walkate. The stories resulted in […]

Opening track for Spotify New Dutch Jazz playlist

Pretty cool that “Him, A Bull? Ha! A Bird” from our new album “Music at Night” was just selected as opening track for the influential New Dutch Jazz playlist on Spotify. Check it out! And while you’re there, check out all the other amazing Dutch musicians who are featured.

First Music at Night review

Reviews are beginning to come in for Music at Night and we’re starting on a high note! Jazz Dergisi in Turkey wrote this wonderful review: “The New York Second is Holland’s latest gift to the modern jazz world… This sound reminded me of the orchestration approach of Herbie Hancock’s album “The Prisoner”… When the album […]

Karel Van Eerd Music Award video

Earlier this year we were honored to play in the finals of the Karel van Eerd Music Awards – and now the lovely people at KVEMA made this beautiful video with excerpts from our performance and from the interview we did afterwards. With thanks to Koen Smits, Tom Beek, Vincent Veneman, Max Sergeant, Mark Alban […]

M@N at VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden

A very cool new milestone for the group today: we were invited to play music from our new album Music at Night for VPRO Vrije Geluiden, THE preeminent music TV show in the Netherlands. Watch this space, or follow us on facebook, for news on when / where the video will be made available! UPDATE: […]

Him a Bull? on Spotify’s Late Night Jazz

Our new album Music at Night (and Other Stories) has hit Spotify. And one of the tracks – Him a Bull? Ha! a Bird – was added to Spotify’s Late Night Jazz playlist. (You know, the one that is “the perfect backdrop to an evening spent relaxing in solitude.”) Along with our song, 99 other […]

The New York Second
@ Karel Van Eerd Music Award finals

Good or bad news? In January 2022, out f 119 bands, we were nominated for the Karel van Eerd Music Awards. The public vote brought us to the next round and we were allowed to play the finals, together with five other fine bands. In the end, after the Live Concert on 13 March, we […]

Music at Night expected spring 2022

After rehearsals in May 2021, in July the recordings took place in the well-known Wedgeview Studio for my new album project, Music at Night. Teus Nobel is back again, this time not only as a trumpet player but also as co-producer and compiler of the band. Besides Teus himself, this resulted in a beautiful ensemble: […]