Harald Walkate, jazz pianist and composer based in Amsterdam.

With my quartet The New York Second and piano-guitar duo Hadrian’s Wall I make recordings and perform regularly.

New album: Emergo

The new album The New York Second album has been released, with as special guest soloist: trumpet player and jazz legend in the making Teus Nobel.

Release date: March 27, 2020.

“The pieces on ‘Emergo’ are strong and will stay with you after listening.
As if they have always been there. ”

The New York Second

The New York Second is a jazz quartet based in Amsterdam. The group plays compositions by pianist and band leader Harald Walkate, and further comprises Frank Paavo (saxophona), Marijn van de Ven (double bass) and Max Sergeant (drums).

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About Harald

“Jazz is a great adventure for me.

For me, jazz is the adventure of personal development in which I discover new and unexpected elements in music. And where there are always new skills to be mastered.”

Harald Walkate, Amsterdam-based jazz pianist and composer.

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