The Big Hotel is uit!

De eerste cd van Hadrian’s Wall, jazzduo met gitarist Adrien de Boer. Muziek in een breed spectrum van stijlen dat een brug slaat tussen de traditionele en de moderne jazz.

Het nummer Israel staat al op Soundcloud, meer online beschikbaarheid volgt!

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Uit de tekst in de liner notes:

“He enjoyed observing the musicians and their delight in practicing their art. Even the young ones seemed so wise, the knowledge that they had found this place, their station in life. Carisi envied their intense concentration in the search for the right lick, the good groove, the improvised line that runs on and on. The nods of appreciation and respect; the shouts of admiration. This is where they could be, find themselves and one another, in the music. In a next life, he would be a jazz musician.”