Bossa for Dudio – The New York Second

The Mirror Paviljoen, located in Monnickendam – a former fishing village just north of Amsterdam – is a fine place to perform with your jazz quartet, if you have one at your disposal. You wouldn’t think it based on the local population numbers, but a pretty impressive crowd appears on Sunday afternoons to take in some jazz and a couple of beers. And it is an appreciative group – applauding after each solo and asking if CDs are available for purchase (they were not).

Anyhow, an ideal location to play our version of the bossa nova, the Bossa for Dudio. Not much else can be said about this song but for those wondering I’m happy to disclose that Dudio is the nickname of my daughter, Nicola. And the next time we play at the Mirror I’ll bring her with me. Along with the CDs.

(picture by on Flickr,, Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)