Take it Away – The New York Second



In 1996 I lived in New York for some time and when I returned found a tiny apartment in Amsterdam. It was in the Hartenstraat, or street of hearts – how poetic, now that I think about it. It couldn’t have been more than 15 square meters but my Roland Rhodes MK-60 piano had pride of place and was waiting for me every day after work, or after late nights in the local nightlife.

Like February March, this is a tune that just came to me, basically in one piece, maybe imported subconsciously from New York. I remember it was like receiving instructions sitting behind the Roland Rhodes: “G7 chord here in the intro, this is the sax line and mirror that in the bass, repeat that riff and this is the ending, there, you’re done.” How frustrating then that I had to wait 20 years for the opportunity to play it with musicians who could actually do it the way I imagined it back then. But good things apparently come to those who live in in the Street of Hearts.

Take it away, guys…